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Since October 2016 we have been trying to provide the community a better and ad-free online encyclopedia of all things Star Citizen. In a year we have grown from nothing to 2,408 content pages and 667 registered users and have served over a million page views to users. All thanks to a dedicated team who have been working on it during their spare time.

Now are we asking for your support so we can keep growing and keep the site ad-free.

Donation FAQ

Why does Star Citizen Tools need donations?

It doesn’t really need it. This isn't an emergency request. But it sure would be damn useful, allowing growth and flexibility into the future.

Star Citizen Tools runs on hardware supplied by CZenStar at a datacenter he owns and operates.

It would be helpful to justify more resources and closer attention at the facility if we aren't on freebie/favor status.

Also, we want to reserve at least 50% of the donations for future costs needs and projects, we are expanding on the Star Citizen Tools brand with other tools and projects than just the wiki. More information on this Soon™

Where do the donations go?

50% would be held in reserve for future costs & projects, while the remaining 50% would used to reimburse for services used at CZenStar’s data center.

Currently available methods of donation:

Donate CPU Cycles by Mining Monero






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Mining Powered by:

This type of coin mining can be CPU intensive. May drain batteries and run up CPU temps. Be careful and adjust the number of threads to fit your particular situation. Running too many threads can cause your computer/device to become slow.

Coin Mining FAQ

What is this coin mining?

Coin “mining” runs calculations to create cryptocurrency. See also: Monero mining

Why Monero?

Monero is unique in the cryptocurrency world due to having a usable and reasonably efficient cpu/web miner, based on JavaScript. Most other cryptocurrencies require much heavier hardware.

Isn’t mining usually done with GPUs? How can JavaScript CPU mining in a browser work?

It is true that most mining is done on GPUs because of the intense calculations and parallelism required to be “profitable”. Monero’s different algorithm is more amenable to “consumer” hardware. Still more effective to use GPUs, but close enough to make crowdsourcing via the web feasible.

We don’t expect to get serious cash with this, but if people decide this is something worth doing, we hope that it will help us be more flexible and provide more services to the community.

Isn't a website doing coin mining EVIL? 

There has been recent controversy around certain sites doing coin mining without informing their users or doing opt-outs. We feel that a donation page that allows users to mine if they want to, is ethically in the clear.

Doesn't work for me! Troubleshooting

You may have to disable your ad blockers and/or any privacy extensions for this page, as some blockers have been protecting you from errant coin mining without your permission. The miner on this page has an additional layer of security which means that it won’t start mining until you agree to do so.